CFARN Scholarship Form


ARN Membership Scholarship


The Central Florida Chapter of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses is offering TWO tri-level ARN memberships for one year (national, state, local). 


The rehab nurse needs to live in the central FL area and is not a present or past member of ARN.





____Presently working in a rehabilitation setting full-time as a registered nurse (validation by manager) (this can be an email)


____NEW CRRN certification (proof of certification) (copy of document or picture)


____Essay on WHY you want to become a member of ARN and what you hope to gain from membership? (500 words or less)





To be completed after one year of membership:


___Willingness to attend local and/or state meetings and/or educational opportunities (summary of attendance submitted after year of membership)


____After one year, summary of your experience and future directions (500 words or less)


Application deadline is April 1, 2021.  The Scholarship will be awarded by April 15, 2021.

Application information (validation of work and CRRN, and 500-word essay) are to be sent to Susan Fowler at

Monies will be mailed to the recipient who will join ARN nationally (which includes the state chapter) via the website and the Central Florida ARN chapter (paper membership form). Proof of memberships should be sent to Susan Fowler.

PDF Version of this form Available here to download